Hangar Patch 10 Available

Greetings Citizens,

Patch 10 for the Star Citizen Hangar module is live! You should be prompted to download the patch the next time you log in to your Hangar. Major additions include the Cutlass, the updated Avenger and the interactive gun range demonstrated during the last live stream. A variety of small changes have also been made, including some special lights for the holidays! You can find the full list of updates in the accompanying patch notes.

As part of the persistence test, we’ve added several new items to the Voyager Direct store. Included are several guns, a pair of new posters, several additional guns and a set of new fish for the fishtank! If you don’t have a fishtank already, we’ve added the option to purchase it. To help the test process, we’re adding 1,000 UEC to every account… so feel free to pick up a Hangar item on us! Development subscribers will be awarded additional UEC (1,000 for Centurions and 2,000 for Imperators.)

The Steam Holiday Sale Starts Now!

The Steam Holiday Sale is here! For the next fourteen days, take advantage of huge saving throughout our store on thousands of games. Check back often to take advantage of our eight-hour Flash Sales. You can even help select what goes on sale with our Community’s Choice Voting Sales.

In addition to Flash and Vote sales, more than a hundred games and apps will be featured as Daily Deals throughout the sale, with new deals popping up every 24 hours. 

Today’s Daily Deals include:

Participating in the 2013 Steam Holiday Sale will also earn customers exclusive Holiday Sale Trading Cards. Collect, trade, and craft 10 Holiday Snow Globe Cards that can only be earned during the sale. Every craft of a Holiday Sale badge will also generate a random item drop from 10 participating Free-To-Play games, featuring exclusive in-game items from Warframe, Path of Exile, Team Fortress 2, DOTA 2 and more. These items are both tradable and marketable.

Learn more about this year’s Steam Holiday Sale features at HERE.

The Steam Holiday Sale will run from now until 10AM PST, January 2nd. Complete information on Daily Deals, Flash Sales, Community Choice Voting and more can be found HERE.

For lack of a better term, this is minecraft porn. I love the game and just when I think i’m even a little bit creative, i see crap like this. Then I remember I have a life, and i don’t get paid to make pretty block art. Anyways, pretty awesome work.

SteamOS Beta is here, and it wants to make babies with you

We’ve been hard at work to deliver on our promise of a new kind of living room entertainment environment – one that is accessible, powerful and open.

In making the SteamOS Beta available to you, we’re excited to take the next major step towards that goal. But before you dive in, please take a few minutes to understand what SteamOS Beta is and what it is not (yet).

Wingman’s Hangar Episode 49 just hit!

As usual, some good information in here about Star Citizen. Go watch!

WoW Moviewatch: Blow vs Garrosh Hellscreamby Michael Gray Dec 12th 2013 at 6:00PM

The trick to creating an outstanding raid video seems to be to bookend it with cinematic-feeling trailer material. In Blow vs Garrosh Hellscream, a guild called Blow throws down against Garrosh Hellscream. (So it’s not just a clever name.)

Next Game Update, Holiday events, Roadmap updates and more! | PlanetSide 2 Forums

Hey all!

I wanted to drop by and let you guys know about the upcoming Game Update, Holiday events and some changes that were making to the Roadmap.