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Join us as we broadcast Live throughout the duration of E3 (6/10 – 6/12).

While we are broadcasting, every 45 minutes, you will have a chance to win one of the most sought-after tanks in the game, the Type 59.

Other prizes include 25,000 Gold, a year of Premium Time, and much more…

Soccer Mode: (Coming with the 9.1 update)

Once it is available, the “T-62A Sport”, exclusive for this mode will appear in your Garage.

The central area on Himmelsdorf will be used as a soccer field.

Get excited! We’ll have more info as launch approaches.

RNG – Episode 25

Game tactics – Cliff

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This weekend’s event rewards those unseen, unsung heroes of the battlefield: light tanks. Take advantage of some serious bonuses and discounts as you rack up spotting damage. Light up the enemy and you could be rewarded with a hefty pile of Credits and more!

WoW Moviewatch: Blow vs Garrosh Hellscreamby Michael Gray Dec 12th 2013 at 6:00PM

The trick to creating an outstanding raid video seems to be to bookend it with cinematic-feeling trailer material. In Blow vs Garrosh Hellscream, a guild called Blow throws down against Garrosh Hellscream. (So it’s not just a clever name.)

Nice little run by Valen demonstrating an awesome use of Drifter Jets.

Cyber Monday Premium Shop Bundles – World of Tanks


Still full from Tanksgiving? Well, you’ll have to make room for some more amazing bundles for this Cyber Monday! We have some of the most celebrated — some may say elusive — tanks on sale for just one day, so have a look!

Bundles Begin: 03:00 PST (06:00 EST) on December 2, 2013

Bundles End: 03:00 PST (06:00 EST) on December 3, 2013


For Greed and Glory!

(SOL) Navy has successfully aquired an IDRIS-P Corvette. Consider yourselves warned.

Huge thanks goes out to Valen for hovering over the keyboard to procure this sleek beast and all the backers in SN who hastily and generously put this bad ass ship on top priority.

Way to go guys.

Squad Night – Friday March 8th at 7PM PST

Lead by the always thirsty Rico;

This weeks squad night will be a series of contests to see who is the last man standing…and standing….and standing.

Events will be:
The Monster Max Mash: We will pick an enemy controlled deploy location and all drop as Max units and see who can survive the longest.
Mossie Madness: Fly over highly contested enemy territory and last bird in the air wins.
Machiavellian Medics: “To the crown” All members will suit up as medics and we will drop on the crown (or if owned some other not as cool area) and try to hold a point as long as possible.

Hope everyone can make it!

Find out more by visiting the forum post at the Gameslapper!