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Join us as we broadcast Live throughout the duration of E3 (6/10 – 6/12).

While we are broadcasting, every 45 minutes, you will have a chance to win one of the most sought-after tanks in the game, the Type 59.

Other prizes include 25,000 Gold, a year of Premium Time, and much more…

Soccer Mode: (Coming with the 9.1 update)

Once it is available, the “T-62A Sport”, exclusive for this mode will appear in your Garage.

The central area on Himmelsdorf will be used as a soccer field.

Get excited! We’ll have more info as launch approaches.

RNG – Episode 25

Game tactics – Cliff

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Hey folks!

World of Tanks Update!

I know many of you have already seen this post over on the EU forums or over on Reddit, but for those of you who haven’t here’s some information on the Historical Battles coming in 9.0!

You will be able to enter Historical battle mode choosing ‘Historical Battle Mode’ in the window for battle type selection. If you’re currently a member of a platoon the option for ‘Historical battles’ will be inactive.


Find out more by following the link over to the official World of Tanks forums



This weekend’s event rewards those unseen, unsung heroes of the battlefield: light tanks. Take advantage of some serious bonuses and discounts as you rack up spotting damage. Light up the enemy and you could be rewarded with a hefty pile of Credits and more!

(SOL) Navy Star Citizen Organization is Live!

Come join us in what is sure to be the best darn space sim ever!

Alien: Isolation First Official Image & Trailer

Via GeekXGirls

Fans of the Alien franchise rejoice! Exited for this, it looks pretty awesome so far! Here is the first pic of Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen Ripley and kick-ass main character in the upcoming game Alien: Isolation… 

Alien: Isolation is due for release in late 2014 on Xbox, PlayStation and PC. Here’s the trailer/info for the game: ‪Alien: Isolation Official Announcement Gameplay Trailer – “Transmission”‬… 

How will you survive?

WoT New Years Special(s)

New Year Specials Central

Tankers (namely my SN buddies who still play)!

In past weeks, we have been running numerous events, deals, and just plain cool stuff inside and outside World of Tanks. And we’re not about to stop now.

For the next four weeks — December 16 to January 16 — you can take part in a wealth of special in-game events in our biggest and best holiday blowout yet. Discounted tanks and items, experience bonuses, and plenty more. Hope you don’t already have winter vacation plans.

Hangar Patch 10 Available

Greetings Citizens,

Patch 10 for the Star Citizen Hangar module is live! You should be prompted to download the patch the next time you log in to your Hangar. Major additions include the Cutlass, the updated Avenger and the interactive gun range demonstrated during the last live stream. A variety of small changes have also been made, including some special lights for the holidays! You can find the full list of updates in the accompanying patch notes.

As part of the persistence test, we’ve added several new items to the Voyager Direct store. Included are several guns, a pair of new posters, several additional guns and a set of new fish for the fishtank! If you don’t have a fishtank already, we’ve added the option to purchase it. To help the test process, we’re adding 1,000 UEC to every account… so feel free to pick up a Hangar item on us! Development subscribers will be awarded additional UEC (1,000 for Centurions and 2,000 for Imperators.)