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Continent locking coming next week?

Continent Locking, Outfit Recruitment, Hossin and more could be included in next #PlanetSide2 patch via @mhigby

Next Game Update, Holiday events, Roadmap updates and more! | PlanetSide 2 Forums

Hey all!

I wanted to drop by and let you guys know about the upcoming Game Update, Holiday events and some changes that were making to the Roadmap.

Nice little run by Valen demonstrating an awesome use of Drifter Jets.

The Public Test Server will come down for maintenance at 12:00 PM PDT for an update.

Test Patch Notes

  • The game client should no longer crash upon exit.
  • Reinforcement spawn locations are now more likely to show up for front line battles.
  • Instant Action now has a higher chance of choosing a location on the player’s current continent.
  • Warp Gates owners have been rotated for the World Domination Series
  • Standard Spawn Options: Increased standard spawn options to include
    • Nearest Small outpost by lattice links
    • Nearest Large outpost by lattice links
    • This should alleviate situations where pilots and others are downed more than one region away from a friendly territory and are stuck with no good spawn options. This change will offer the nearest small outpost and nearest large outpost in addition to the nearest major facility that is already available. This should allow those players to either join the nearest front or fall back to spawn another vehicle at a larger facility. Please note that the distance is by lattice-links, not as the crow flies.


  • Fixed a bug with purchasing boosts while in the VR training zone.

From Luperza


Hosted this week by the slightly fermented, Tesla!

This week’s squad night will consist of another Mad Medic March, Lightening Lunacy and time permitting, Marvelous Max Mayhem!

Meet at the warpgate 5 minutes early to get in on the initial insertion! See you there soldiers!

Higby dropped a pretty interesting update on the new hex adjacency system today.

Many of you have requested that we take a serious look at the shortfalls of our territory control, influence and base connectivity in order to ensure we’re routing players into great fights and encouraging a better overall battle flow. We’ve taken that feedback very seriously and have been working behind the scenes on a few different ideas to make that desire a reality, most of which have been inspired by ideas from the community – including this one that we’re ultimately choosing to move forward with. Many of you probably saw a tweet that I sent out several days ago showing the first steps towards limiting the connectivity between regions. I’m going to share a bit more progress and talk a bit about what our plan is for this, answer a few FAQs and talk a bit about how and when you can help with this.

Also, we will soon have a Public Test Server!

Within the next week or so (fingers crossed!) we will launch our new Public Test Server. Once we have the Test Server up we will be putting this current iteration of the hex connectivity on there and asking you guys to come play it and let us know how it works. From there we will be making modifications, finalizing the plan for the Indar layout, integrating the other two continents into this flow, and iterating on the other features I mentioned above as well as tuning capture times, rewards, etc. We’ve been working on a plan to get a Public Test Server up and running for a while now and we’ll have more details about how you can access the server as we get a bit closer.

Here’s a preview of some of the major changes you can look forward to this month!