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We want you! Unless your a douche. Then go away.
If you’re not a douche fill out the form and don’t complain how long it is. See you on the battlefield soldier!

(SOL) Navy New Recruit Form

Player or character name

Let us know which site you followed to find us.

If you play other games, we encourage you to select more to apply for apart from your primary application.

If not listed above what game should we be playing?

Planetside 2 Recruitment Info

We need to know a little about your Planetside 2 details

What class is your primary focus

What is your secondary class focus (if applicable).

What vehicles are you proficient at, or enjoy piloting. Check all that apply.

What certifications have you taken that are noteworthy to the outfit?

Star Citizen Enlistment Form

Welcome to the Navy FNG, have the guts to make it? We'll see about that.

Your community forum name

We need all sorts. What's your specialty?

World of Warcraft Recruitment Info

We need to know some info about your WoW experience
Server: Sargeras
Faction: Alliance

What is your first primary profession (optional)

Please list your first profession level as close to the actual number you can.

What is your second primary profession (optional)

Please list your second profession level as close to the actual number you can.

Minecraft Server

We whitelist so we'll need some data.

Your Mojang account username, not your email.

If you use Steam please enter your username or profile URL

Please include any other personal note you'd like included with your submission.

I hereby certify that I am not a douchebag, will not be a douchebag unless ordered to, and will abide by all clan/guild rules. I will sign up on the slapper and download Teamspeak and use it like a crack addict (see follow-up email for Slapper details).

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